Just like a home away from home, our bungalows offer you a tranquil stay with family and friends, with the luxury and conveniences of a country club.

Bungalow Reception

Tel: 6542 2036
Fax: 6545 6544
Opening Hours: 9am to 8pm (daily)
Booking Hours: 9am to 7pm (daily)

Priority of booking go to NSRCC members who can book a bungalow up to 6-month in advance from the date of booking. Non-members can book up to 5-month in advance.

You can book a Bungalow with our On-Line booking system here.

Do note that non-members need to register online first before booking. Reservation of bungalows can also be made through phone or in–person at the Bungalow Reception.

If you encounter any problems while making a booking, please call our Bungalow Reception at 6542 2036 between 9 am to 7 pm daily.

Check-in: 2pm to 7pm
Check-out: 9am to 10am

Bungalow Amenities

... ... ...
  • 2 cosy bed rooms (Twins-sharing)
  • 2 shower rooms equipped with bath & hand towels, toiletries and hairdryer
  • 32-inch LCD TV with access to 24 channels
  • Exclusive use of private barbeque pit
  • Fully air–conditioned rooms
  • A fully-equipped kitchen 

Rental Fees Per Night Per Bungalow. Please note that a $20 surcharge per day is payable for poolside bungalow units, which are indicated with a letter P suffix, e.g. 40P.

NSRCC Members $115.00 $215.00 $258.00 $278.00
SAFRA Members $145.00 $360.00 $403.00 $423.00
NS Men $159.00 $403.00 $446.00 $466.00
Citizens $212.00 $420.00 $456.00 $476.00
Non-Citizens $284.00 $456.00 $480.00 $500.00